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Set the length of each abandon interval displayed in the Abandon Intervals Metrics view.

  1. Click Admin.
  2. Under Contact Center, click Analytics.
  3. Drag each selector to the number of seconds you want for each column in the Abandon Intervals Metrics view.
  4. Enter a minimum number of seconds for column G. 
    Default seconds for each column are:
    Column Default number of seconds
    A Short  0–6
    B 6–20
    C 20–40
    D 40–60
    E 60–120
    F 120–240
    G 240+
    Note: Abandoned calls greater than or equal to the lower limit but less than the upper limit of a column’s interval appear in that column. For example, a six-second call and a 19.5 second call both count in a 6–20 second column, but a 20 second call counts in the 20–40 second column.
  5. Click Save.