Configure a network interface for the Edge, phone, and trunk

  • Only the (WAN) Port  should have a default gateway configured. If other ports require a gateway, you will need to configure a static route.
  • The WAN network interface port must connect to a network that supports external DNS resolution to ensure Cloud Connectivity.
  • If you are configuring multiple NICs in your Edge, the IP addresses assigned to each NIC must be from different subnets.

  1. Click Admin.
  2. Under Telephony, click Edges.
  3. From the Edge Name column, click the name of the Edge you want.
  4. Click the Network Interfaces tab.

  5. Select the port to configure. 

  6. Click the IPv4 tab.
  7. Under External Trunks, click Use the following trunks.
  8. Click the Select External Trunks list and select any external trunks that you want to connect to the network interface.
  9. Under Phone Trunks, click Inherit from Edge Group.
    Note: Port 1 (WAN) inherits phone trunks from Edge groups by default. To manually add phone trunks to the Edge, select Use the following trunks, then from the Select Phone Trunk list select any phone trunks that you want to connect to the network interface. 
  10. Click Save Interfaces.NetworkInterfaceV2