Genesys Cloud offers over 15 different reports. The data you need determines which report is best to use. Before you choose which report to use, you can see an example of the report in Genesys Cloud. You can also read the following information about selected reports. For a full list of reports, see the reports list in About reports, views, and dashboards

Summary metrics

These reports list metrics such as average handle time, average hold time, and talk time for agents and queues.

For agents:

For Queues:

More details about specific agents’ interactions

The Interaction Details report lists all of the interactions one or more agents handled. Be cautious about using this report to determine how many interactions your contact center handled. This report queries data from an agent perspective, and therefore can over or under-represent the contact center’s interactions because of transfers between agents and queues. 

How many interactions queues handled

Use any of the queue metrics reports to see summary metrics about queues. 

Keep in mind that these reports calculate information based on the queue that handled an interaction. If an interaction spent time in more than one queue, then it is counted in both queues. 

Weekly service level

Monthly service level

License use

Users with the correct permissions can see information about Genesys Cloud license usage in the account settings. For more information, see Download your usage reports.