Bridge Connectors for Collaborate (data sync) connectors deprecation

Genesys deprecated the Bridge Connectors for Collaborate (data sync) connectors:

  • Active Directory connector
  • Microsoft Exchange connector
  • REST Dynamic connector
  • SQL database connector
  • Workday connector

For more information, see Deprecation: PureCloud Bridge integrations.

Why were the connectors deprecated?

Genesys is increasingly focused on cloud technologies, which are scalable in ways that the installation and management of hardware and software inside customers’ firewalls is not. The company continues to devote more resources and energies to the development and support of cloud technologies and to strengthen its cloud deployment and delivery model.

Delivering services through the cloud offers many benefits to customers:

  • Reduces on-premises hardware and software requirements, which decreases capital and operating expenditures.
  • Gives customers better control over access to their data with increased security and auditing.
  • Standardizes customer experiences in PureCloud.
  • Allows better support of integrations that exist completely in PureCloud.

What is the alternative to the data sync connectors?

Genesys is in the process of replacing these connectors with a standards-based set of APIs, known as SCIM, that connects to PureCloud. As Genesys publishes documentation about how to configure different identity management providers, the company recommends that customers of the data sync connectors migrate to PureCloud SCIM (Identity Management). For more information, see About PureCloud SCIM (Identity Management), Configure Azure Active Directory for PureCloud SCIM, and Configure OneLogin for PureCloud SCIM.

Why is SCIM better?

Generally, SCIM is easier to administer, with no on-premises components to install. Most SCIM identity management providers have robust tooling available to audit the provisioning of users, which provides a better level of visibility into the ongoing sync operations. SCIM is also more widely supported in the cloud software industry, which allows for a broader range of integration opportunities.

By using SCIM, PureCloud conforms to the standards-based identity management process that a wide range of other cloud platforms have implemented, including all of the single sign-on (SSO) providers (identity management providers) that PureCloud supports. For more information, see PureCloud SCIM (Identity Management) overview (Developer Center)

How do I migrate to SCIM?

You can easily migrate from the Bridge connectors to SCIM-based user synchronization. Set up your new SCIM integration in your identity management provider. Then disable your Bridge Connector. After PureCloud SCIM (Identity Management) releases, Genesys will publish documentation that explains how to use the SCIM APIs with the SSO providers (identity management providers) that PureCloud supports. For more information, see About PureCloud SCIM (Identity Management).