Bridge Connectors for Collaborate overview

Feature deprecation: Genesys postponed the Bridge integrations deprecation schedule, which now varies for the different Bridge integrations. For more information, see Deprecation: PureCloud Bridge integrations.

The Bridge Server uses a series of connectors, which are server plug‐ins that manage data transfer for each system that you connect to Collaborate. The Bridge Server pulls configuration changes from the cloud services and delivers them to the connectors.

Connector Description Failover1 Self-service2
Active Directory Connector Synchronizes the most common fields in Microsoft Active Directory with PureCloud profiles Yes Yes
CIC Data Connector

Synchronizes data between PureConnect (CIC version 4.0 SU2 or later) and PureCloud profiles

PureCloud for PureConnect (CIC version 2016 R3 or later)

Yes No
Microsoft Exchange Connector Manages Microsoft Exchange (version 2010 or later) distribution groups using PureCloud groups Yes No
REST Dynamic Connector Synchronizes data between PureCloud and endpoints in a REST-enabled system. Yes No
SQL Database Connector Synchronizes data between a SQL or SQLite databases and PureCloud profiles Yes No
Workday Connector Synchronizes data between Workday Web Services and PureCloud profiles Yes No

1 Failover refers to the ability to install multiple instances of the connector so that a backup instance can take over in the event that the primary instances fails.
2 Self-service connectors offer an automated installation and setup interface. Connectors without the self-service option require assistance from PureCloud staff for installation and setup.

Data exchange

Options for data exchange vary by connector. Bidirectional synchronization might not be available for all fields. 

 C = Create  |  D = Delete  |  U = Update
Connector Connects to multiple sources PureCloud Collaborate to external systems External systems to PureCloud Collaborate
Active Directory Yes U C/D/U
CIC Data No U C/U
Microsoft Exchange No C/D/U
REST Dynamic No C/D/U C/D/U
SQL Database No C/D/U C/D/U
Workday No U C/D/U