Billing FAQs


  • Can we evaluate the product for free before using it?

If you would like to request a trial of PureCloud, visit PureCloud Trial. Trials are subject to geographic restrictions.

  • How long do we have to evaluate the product?

Trials are available for a limited time.

  • Does all our data move with us to the paid version? 

Yes. Your data stays within your organization as you upgrade and add more services. 

  • Can I cancel the free service at any time?

Yes. We will remove your organization after a period of inactivity.   

  • If we decide not to upgrade to a paid version what happens to our data?

As long as you are a PureCloud user, your data remains within your PureCloud organization unless you exceed the included 1-TB limit. All data associated with your organization is deleted when you discontinue the free service.

Pricing and billing

  • When does billing of our PureCloud services begin and end?

The billing period begins on the contract effective date (order date) and runs on a monthly billing period. For instance, if an order was placed on January 15, the billing period would be January 15 through February 14 11:59:59 EST.

  • When is hardware billed?

Contact your designated Customer Success Manager (CSM).

  • When are enablement service packages billed?

The enablement packages are billed as a one-time upfront fee after the order is processed.

  • How are users counted in PureCloud services, as named or concurrent? 

PureCloud 1, 2, and 3 can be licensed as either a named user or a concurrent user. PureCloud does not support mixing named and concurrent users for PureCloud contact center. PureCloud does not support a mix of PureCloud 1, 2, and 3 users within the same organization.

  • What defines a billable named user for PureCloud services?

Anyone that logged in to the PureCloud service during the billing period. The user type billed is the highest level license they were assigned during the billing period. The user must have the license type assigned for a minimum of four hours during the billing period.

  • What defines a billable concurrent user for PureCloud contact center services?

Concurrent users are only supported for PureCloud 1, 2, or 3. If a concurrent license model is selected, all PureCloud users are licensed as concurrent. PureCloud does not support a mix of named and concurrent user types. A billable concurrent PureCloud user is anyone that has logged in to the PureCloud service during the billing period and elected to go “On Queue” to receive ACD interactions. The user type billed is the highest PureCloud level license they were assigned during the billing period. In a concurrent licensing model, we count the maximum number (peak) of concurrent (simultaneous) users during a billing period. To support shift changes, usage peaks shorter than 30 minutes in duration are disregarded.

  • Can I schedule more agents than assigned to concurrent licenses?

Yes, workforce management only enforces permission checks. Example: if you have 500 total agents, all with the appropriate permissions, and only 250 concurrent user licenses, you can still produce schedules for all 500 agents.

  • We have a user that upgraded from a Communicate license to a PureCloud contact center license during a billing cycle. How is this user billed?

This user is billed as a PureCloud contact center user for the full month.

  • We added a new employee to our service two days before the end of a billing cycle.  Do you prorate this user?

Monthly user fees are not prorated. Adding users at the start of a new billing period is a best practice.

  • Is there a fee for each of the “people” listed in the directory?

No. We only bill for users that log in to the desktop, web, or mobile user interfaces. 

  • We deleted a user account for a team member midway through a billing period.  How does that affect our subscription?

The deleted user counts for the current billing period. We do not prorate monthly user fees.

  • Our team has several non-active user accounts. We don’t want to delete or disable them. Do we still have to pay for them?

No. As long as those users do not log in during the billing period, they will not be counted as billable users.

  • How can we see our usage statistics for the current billing period?

After a subscription has been purchased, any admin with the ‘billing subscription’ permission can use the Subscription Admin tool to see how many of each user type license is in use. You can also run a report to see the historical usage of each license and the users

  • Can we purchase additional instances of the PureCloud service to use for development, QA, or training environments?

Yes, you can create more accounts that are treated and billed just like your production account. We charge you only for what you use. Given the already low nature of our pricing and the fact that we have the same infrastructure overhead with other types of accounts, we are not able to offer any discounts or special terms.

  • What is the PureCloud Voice pricing for the U.S. and Canada?

Refer to the PureCloud Voice pricing article for details.

  • What are the PureCloud Voice outbound international calling rates?

Refer to the PureCloud Voice pricing article for details.

  • Does your pricing for PureCloud and PureCloud Voice include applicable taxes?

No. Our fees do not include any taxes, levies, duties, or similar items including value-added, sales, use, or withholding taxes.

  • How do we downgrade our service?

Contact your designated Customer Success Manager (CSM).

  • What are excess call usage charges?

Excess call usage charges cover excessive use of the PureCloud system. These charges are intended to cover usages for functions such as automated IVRs, agent-less dialing, outbound dialing, and other functionality associated with inbound or outbound calls. More specifically, excess call usage is charged at a very low hourly rate* per concurrent call port. A call port is a connected call and a concurrent call port count is the number of simultaneously connected calls.

As shown below, each PureCloud seat includes a credit for concurrent call ports.

Contact center seat = 2 concurrent call ports
Communicate seat = 1 concurrent call port

So, if you have 50 contact center and 100 Communicate seats, then the included call ports = (50 PureCloud contact center x 2) + (100 Communicate x 1) = 200 ports. Thus, every hour of concurrent calls above 200 will incur excess call usage charges at the specified rate*.

*The exact hourly rate appears on your billing statement.

Contact for more information.

  • How are add-on charges calculated when using concurrent billing for contact center licenses?

Monthly charges for add-on licenses are calculated by multiplying the usage percentage of the general licenses by the number of purchased add-on licenses.

Usage percentage x Add-on licenses = Add-on seats billed

The usage percentage is the number of PureCloud seats purchased divided by the number of active users.

PureCloud seats purchased / Active users = Usage percentage

For example, a customer has 1,000 PureCloud 3 agents, and 300 of them were active in a month. The usage percentage is 30% (1,000 / 300). The customer assigned Salesforce add-on licenses to 200 agents. The customer is billed for 60 add-on licenses (30% x 200).


  • How do we order an upgrade to our service?


  • How do we receive an initial quote for a new service?


  • Where can I find your terms and conditions?

You can find them at Terms and Conditions.

  • Where can I find your Service Level Agreements?

Service level agreements are applicable only for paid services. You can find them at Service Level Agreements.

  • Our legal department would like to make some changes to your Terms and Conditions. Is that ok?

We worked hard to make our legal agreements customer-friendly and generally do not accept changes. Avoiding expensive legal discussions is one of the reasons we can offer the low prices that we do. Contact us at for questions.

  • Our legal department insists on using our own software license agreement. Can we do that?

No, as explained above, we’ve worked hard to create a very customer-friendly agreement that fits the sort of subscription-based partnership you’ll have with us. We are unable to accommodate custom agreements. If your organization requires such a complex arrangement, we suggest that you consider our premises-based CIC product.

  • How do we order more hardware such as phones?

Please contact your PureCloud sales team (direct or partner) for new hardware orders. If you have questions contact

Payment and refunds

  • How frequently will I receive an invoice?

All non-recurring charges are invoiced immediately after your order is placed. Invoices for hardware are sent after your hardware ships. Monthly recurring usage charges are billed in arrears based on actual usage for the previous billing period.

  • Which payment methods are accepted, and what are your payment terms?

We accept ACH/EFT, wire, or check. Our payment terms are net 30 days.

  • How do I cancel a paid subscription?

      Please contact your Customer Success Manager (CSM) to assist with any service changes.

Note:  You will receive a final invoice for any unpaid charges.
  • I’m not the billing contact for our company. Can I have billing statements automatically sent to someone else?

Yes. Contact to initiate a billing contact change.

  • What currencies can we pay with?

We currently accept the Australian Dollar (AUD), Brazilian Real (BRL), Canadian Dollar (CAD), Euro (EUR), Great British Pound (GBP), Japanese Yen (JPY), New Zealand Dollar (NZD), and US Dollar (USD).