The Agent Status Timeline Detail report displays status changes throughout the selected date range. It provides data about each status a user entered, when it was entered, and for how long. The report sorts the data chronologically according to start time, with the oldest on top. 

The Agent Status Timeline Detail report is a detailed view of how an agent is spending their time. For example, the agent is on queue for 30 minutes instead of 1 hour, or the agent is on break for 20 minutes but was only approved for 10 minutes.

To view the Agent Status Timeline Detail report:

  1. Click Performance > Workspace > Agent Status
  2. Click the Statuses tab.
  3. Click an agent’s name.
  4. On the left side, from the View by list, select Timeline to view the detailed agent status timeline report.
  5. To save the view with your filter and column settings, click Save .
  6. To export the data in the view, click Export .
Report column Description
Start Time The date and time the status was entered.
End Time The date and time the status was exited.
Primary Status The primary Genesys Cloud status (available, away, busy, meal, and so on).
Secondary Status  The secondary Genesys Cloud status (for example, the primary status can be a meal, and the secondary status could be breakfast).
Duration The time between start time and end time.