The Agent Quality Details report displays agents’ evaluations for interactions that started during the range specified in the report’s parameters. The report includes the following information:

  • Date and time of the interaction
  • Date and time of the evaluation
  • Type of media for the interaction
  • Name of the person that completed the evaluation
  • Total and critical scores

The report sorts the evaluations forms by agent and then by date and time.

  • This report contains all evaluations for the selected parameters, including evaluations later deleted by a quality administrator and pending evaluations.
  • This report does not display evaluations for calibration.

Run the report to determine the following:

  • An agent meets their total score and critical score requirements.
  • An evaluator selects and evaluates interactions appropriately. For example, did an evaluator select interactions throughout the month or from one day? Did an evaluator complete all evaluations on one day or throughout the month? Do evaluations cover all assigned media types for an agent? Confirm that an evaluator follows the quality process requirements for selecting and evaluating interactions.

After you identify areas of concern:

  • Determine why an agent did not meet total score or critical score requirements.
  • Coach an agent:
    • Provide behavior-based feedback.
    • Do not focus on scores. 
    • Allow an agent to listen to their own interactions.
    • Recognize and reward good results.

Agent Quality Details report

Report column Description
Interaction Date/Time The date and time of the interaction.

Evaluation Date/Time

The date and time of the evaluation.

Note: The Evaluation date is the date the evaluation was performed and not the date it was assigned.

Evaluator The user who completed the evaluation
Media type The media type of the interaction.
Total Score The total score of the evaluation. For pending evaluations, the Total Score column is empty. 
Critical The critical score of the evaluation. For pending evaluations, the Critical column is empty. 
Note: When an evaluation form is changed and published, a new evaluation form ID is generated and results in this report might show agents in multiple groups.