Add a web chat deployment

  • Web Chat Deployment All permission 

Note: On December 12, 2018, Genesys began removal of the website-only web chat configuration method. For more information about the removal, see Deprecation: Website-only web chat configuration.

A web chat deployment identifies your website’s web chat configuration to PureCloud. Use the deployment key on your website. For more information about web chat deployments and authenticated chat, see Authenticated chat overview.

You can create multiple web chat deployments for different purposes. For example, you could create a deployment that requires users to authenticate with your site before they can contact an agent about their account. You could also create another deployment to allow anonymous users to ask general questions.

Create a new web chat deployment

  1. Click Admin.
  2. Under Contact Center, click Web Chat.
  3. Click Create Deployment.
  4. Enter a Name and Description for the deployment.
  5. To specify how the web chat interface looks on your website, choose a Chat Appearance option:
    • Basic: This option provides you with a simple interface. 
    • Modern: This option provides you with an interface that has a more contemporary look and feel.
  6. To require users to authenticate with your website before they can start a web chat, enable Require Authentication
    If you enable Require Authentication, the Authentication URL box appears and you must specify the URL of the web service that makes signing requests to PureCloud. For examples in GitHub, see Authenticated web chat server examples.
  7. Click Save.

By default, PureCloud activates web chat deployments when you create them. To turn off individual deployments, click the Deployment is Activated switch in the deployment.