Feature deprecation: For more information, see Deprecation: Knowledge workbench V1.

After you create a knowledge base, you can add or import question and answer pairs to use in bots. You can import files in CSV format. You can download a template and then format it to meet your organization’s question and answer list.

Note: For more information about how to create an FAQ, see Knowledge workbench FAQ creation tips.

You can also add varieties of the initial question. This feature helps train the AI model for the different ways that a customer asks a question.

Add FAQs to the knowledge base

  • Make sure that you create question and answer pairs in the same language as the knowledge base.
  • Questions and answers must include a minimum of five characters.

Create a new question and answer pair

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Create FAQ V1

  1. Access the knowledge workbench from the link provided by your administrator. 
  2. Create a new knowledge base or open an existing one.
  3. Click Add Question And Answer. The Create a Question and Answer dialog opens.
  4. Under Question, add the FAQ question.
  5. (Optional) Under Category, do one of the following:
    • Select an existing question and answer category from the list.
    • Click Add New Category and under Category, enter a name for the new category.
  6. (Optional) In the Alternative box, to add varieties of the original question do the following:
    1. Click Add Alternate Question.
    2. Under Alternate Questions, add another version of the question.
    3. To add another alternative question, click Add and repeat step b.
  7. In the Answer box, add the FAQ answer.
  8. Click Create.

Import FAQs to the knowledge base

Import a .csv file

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Import knowledge V1

Validate an imported FAQ .csv file

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Validate knowledge V1

You can import a questions and answer file in CSV format. 

  1. Access the Knowledge Workbench from the link provided by your administrator.
  2. Create a new knowledge base or open an existing one.
  3. Click Import. The Import Knowledge dialog appears.
  4. (Optional) To download a question and answer template and edit with your own information, click Download Knowledge Template.
  5. Under Select a CSV file, click Browse.
  6. Navigate to your .csv file and select the file.
  7. Click Validate. The system checks for any errors in your file and returns a list of items to check before you continue.
  8. If the validation check includes no errors, click Import. The system imports the question and answer pairs as individual FAQs.

You can now train and test your FAQs.