Add multiple members to the queue

  1. Click the Members tab.
  2. In the Select new members area, click the Advanced link. The Add Members dialog opens.
  3. Click the arrow at the end of the Search button and select the parameter by which to filter members. Options include:
    • Search (by member name)
    • By Group (add all members of a group or groups)
    • By Role (add all members assigned to a specific role or roles)
    • Reports To (add all members who report to a specific person)
    • Location (add all members assigned to a specific location)
  4. Begin typing the name of the contact or filter and then select the appropriate match from the results. The dialog box displays the member or members in a list.
  5. Repeat step 4 to add more contact or filters to the queue. 
  6. Add the members to the queue:
    • To add all members, select the check box on the left side of the Name heading.
    • To select individual members, select the check box next to each member you want to add.
  7. To view the selected members before you assign them to the queue, click the Show Selected button.
  8. Click Save.