Add data from Workday

Add data in Workday to Genesys Cloud profiles using the Bridge Platform. Data in both systems will stay synchronized as specified by the configuration.


  • Workday Web Services (WWS) Integration v20
  • Access to 443 or TLS/SSL
  • Integration account permissions to WWS
  • The Workday web services base service name. The Work web services base service name and tenant name were established when the Workday account was created. If you do not have this information, find it in Workday or contact your Workday administrator.
  • The Work web services base service name and tenant name.  

Also, make sure you have installed at least one Bridge Server. If not, see Install the Bridge Server.


  1. Ensure you have the right credentials in Workday.
  2. Create a profile synchronization scheme.
  3. Add the connector.
  4. Configure the connector.
  5. Add connector instances.