Add data from a SQL database

Add data in your SQL database to Genesys Cloud profiles using the Bridge Platform. Data in both systems will stay synchronized as specified by the configuration.


  • Microsoft SQL Server or SQLite
  • .NET Framework 4.0 or later installed
  • Appropriate ODBC driver installed for the relevant database engine
  • SQLite driver that is distributed with the connector
  • Account with access to the database, either via connection string username/password or Windows account permission
  • Type of database connecting to (MSSQL or SQLITE)
  • Column and table data for your SQL database 
    • Name of the column in the table to use as a unique identifier for each person in the table
    • Name of the table or view that contains the columns that will be synchronized with Collaborate
  • Connection string for connecting to the SQL database

  • The SQL database and the Bridge Server can reside on the same system or on different systems.
  • The minimum requirements for creating a user in Collaborate are name and email.

Also, make sure you have installed at least one Bridge Server. If not, see Install the Bridge Server.


  1. Create the connection string.
  2. Create a profile synchronization scheme.
  3. Add the connector.
  4. Configure the connector.
  5. Add instances of the connector.