Add more data sources

After adding people to your organization by importing users from Active Directory and importing a CSV file with basic profile information, synchronize additional data sources with Genesys Cloud using Bridge Connectors for Collaborate (data sync) integrations.

Connector Description
CIC Data Connector 

The CIC Data Connector synchronizes data between user accounts in PureConnect (CIC) and Genesys Cloud profiles. 

Microsoft Exchange Connector

The Microsoft Exchange Connector creates email distribution lists in Exchange that match the membership of Genesys Cloud groups. This connector monitors groups throughout the day and sends updates (names only) to the Exchange server when people are removed or added. This connector supports Exchange hosted by Office 365.

REST Dynamic Connector

The REST Dynamic Connector synchronizes data bidirectionally between Genesys Cloud and endpoints in a REST-enabled system. 

SQL Database Connector

The SQL Database Connector synchronizes Collaborate profile data with data stored in SQL databases. 

Workday Connector

The Workday Connector synchronizes information between Workday fields and user profiles using the Workday Web Services (WWS) API.