Synchronize groups with Microsoft Exchange

Synchronize PureCloud groups with Microsoft Exchange groups using the Bridge Platform. PureCloud creates distribution lists in Microsoft Exchange using the membership lists of designated PureCloud groups. PureCloud then updates the distribution lists in Exchange whenever group membership changes.


  • Microsoft Exchange 2010 or 2013.
  • Windows Management Framework 3.0 must be installed (Server 2008 only).
  • The Bridge Server must be on the same domain as the Exchange Server.
  • The Bridge Server must be installed on a different machine than the Exchange Server.
  • The Bridge Server must be running under an account that has Distribution Group privileges on the Exchange server.
    This prerequisite only applies if you do not specify a user name and password in the connector configuration.
  • Exchange Distribution group privileges on the Exchange Server. 
  • Login information for the Exchange Server (UNC name, user name, and password) if you are not using the Bridge Server’s credentials.
  • Login information for a PureCloud user with permissions to update users.

Also, make sure you have installed at least one Bridge Server. If not, see Install the Bridge Server.


  1. Set up Bridge Connector credentials.
  2. Create a domain account for Bridge authentication.
  3. Install Windows Management Framework 3.0 for MS Exchange sync.
  4. Add the connector.
  5. Configure the connector.
  6. Add instances of the connector.