Feature deprecation: For more information, see Deprecation: Knowledge workbench V1.

Knowledge bases allow you to store a set of predefined questions and answers or FAQs to respond to queries. The information in the knowledge updates and the Knowledge page displays the knowledge name and the number of questions and answers that you import or add through your user interface. Currently, the knowledge workbench supports language search in English and German. 

The Knowledge Bases page displays the following information:

  • Knowledge name and the number of FAQs
  • Language of the knowledge base
  • Knowledge base state (Initial, Trained, or Published)
  • Last knowledge base modification date

First, create a knowledge base. Then, add or import FAQs that correspond to the knowledge base category or purpose.

Note: After you create a knowledge base for a specific language, you cannot modify the language selection.

To create a new knowledge base, follow these steps:

  1. Access the knowledge workbench from the link provided by your administrator. 
  2. Click Create Knowledge Base. The Create a new knowledge base page opens. 
  3. Add a name, language, and description (optional) for the knowledge base. 
  4. Click Create. The knowledge base opens to the Question and Answer page.