Feature deprecation: For more information, see Deprecation: Genesys Dialog Engine.

Add a Dialog Engine Knowledge bot to an Architect flow

Knowledge is a set of predefined questions and answers that Genesys Dialog Engine uses to respond to queries and to identify intents. The knowledge resides in a comma-separated (.csv) file. Dialog Engine parses this knowledge file on import and use the content to identify intents by matching the utterances to the questions. Genesys Dialog Engine includes a sample knowledge file to use as template to create a knowledge base. Once imported, Dialog Engine uses the information to respond to questions.

You can also create a bot that relies on this knowledge to answer queries. These bots, known as knowledge bots, do not require that you create intents or utterances. However; you can configure your bot with both intents and utterances. You can update these bots by uploading a newer set of knowledge files.

After you create a knowledge bot in the Genesys Dialog Engine dashboard, you can configure it in an Architect chat or message flow. For more information, see Adding knowledge to your bot.

To create an Architect flow with a Genesys Dialog Engine knowledge bot, perform these steps:

  1. Create a chat or message flow.
  2. Add a chat or message flow task or state.
  3. Add a Call Dialog Engine Bot action to the state or task.
  4. Configure the action with an established Genesys Dialog Engine knowledge bot.
  5. Configure the remainder of the flow according to your organization’s design.
  6. Save and publish the flow.