Action Details page

The Action Details page provides controls for configuring an action for a Bridge Connector group.

Control Action
Actions picker Chooses the action based on the selected Bridge Connector group.Actions picker
Schemas links Downloads JSON descriptions of the action’s input and output.Schemas links
Action description field Describes the action on the Actions list.Action description field
Tags field Adds tags that flow authors can use to find actions with common traits.Action tags field
Category field Adds a category selection in Architect for call flow authors to choose actions.Category field
Help Link field Adds a link to internal support documentation about the action.Help Link field
Suggested Timeout (ms) field Provides a suggested timeout for an action call to the flow author.Suggested Timeout field
Deprecated check box Indicates to a flow author that this action should be replaced or removed.Deprecated check box
Flatten Metadata check box Turns metadata into key/value pairs (instead of hierarchical). This option must be enabled in order for the action to be used by Architect.Flatten Metadata check box
Save button Saves changes to the Bridge action.Save Bridge action changes button
Publish button Publishes the Bridge action. When an action is published, the name and request/response schemas cannot be changed. The connector action may be changed only if the new connector action has the same request and response schemas.Publish Bridge action button

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