Feature deprecation: For more information, see Deprecation: Knowledge workbench V1.

  • Access to Genesys Dialog Engine Bot Flows
  • Knowledge > Knowledgebase > Add, Delete, Edit, Search, View permissions

The knowledge workbench allows a knowledge author to create and manage knowledge documents, train the search algorithms, and view the performance of knowledge bases. Knowledge bases are sets of predefined knowledge documents that respond to queries by agents and customers. Currently, the knowledge workbench supports language search in English and German.

Access the knowledge workbench home page

You can access the knowledge workbench by using a URL specific to the AWS region where your Genesys Cloud organization was created. You can also access the workbench directly from a Genesys Dialog Engine Bot Flow.

Access the knowledge workbench home page from a region-specific URL

Access to the knowledge workbench home page varies by region. Enter the URL as follows: https://apps.[your region’s host]/knowledge-workbench, replacing [your region’s host] with the appropriate Genesys Cloud region. 

AWS Region


US East (N. Virginia) https://apps.mypurecloud.com/knowledge-workbench
US West (Oregon)


EU (Ireland)


EU (Frankfurt)


EU (London)


Asia Pacific (Mumbai) https://apps.aps1.pure.cloud/knowledge-workbench
Asia Pacific (Seoul) https://apps.apne2.pure.cloud/knowledge-workbench
Asia Pacific (Sydney)


Asia Pacific (Tokyo)


Canada (Central)


Access the knowledge workbench home page from a Genesys Dialog Engine Bot Flow

To access the knowledge workbench home page from a Genesys Dialog Engine Bot Flow, perform these steps:

  1. In Architect, open a new or existing Architect bot flow.
  2. Create a bot flow or open an existing one. The Bot Flow page opens.
  3. Under Natural Language Understanding, click Knowledge.
  4. Under Knowledge Base, create a new knowledge base or select an existing one:
    • To create a new knowledge base, click the open   button to open the Knowledge Workbench in a new tab, and then add your knowledge base.
    • To use an existing knowledge base, select it from the list.