Accept and write emails in the CX digital agent workspace

You can inspect new emails in the omnichannel work queue. Click on the email to open it as your active work item.

Note: The timer in the upper right corner indicates the available time during which the agent can open the email. If the agent does not open the email within the indicated timeframe, their status is set to Away and the email is reassigned to another agent.

You can choose to Reply, Reply All or Forward the email.

Write email

Click Reply to write an answer to the email.

You have the following options:

Send: Send your message.

Subject & Recipients: Select the recipients and edit the subject of your email.

Attachments: Attach a file to your email from your local computer.

Cancel: Cancel your response and go back to the original email message.

Close Now: Close the email. You must confirm that you want to close the email:

  • Yes – Closes the email. Next time you close an email, you will see the same dialog.
  • Yes, and don’t show this message again – Closes the email.
  • No, continue the email – Select if you want to continue the email conversation.

If you accidentally selected not to display the confirmation dialog again, you can enable that dialog as follows:

  1. At the bottom left of the workspace, hover the mouse over the icon with your initials and select Settings.
  2. Enable Confirm end email.

Wrap-up codes: For more information, see Wrap-up a conversation in the CX digital agent workspace