About web chat

Feature deprecation: On December 12, 2018, Genesys began removal of the website-only configuration method. If you previously configured PureCloud web chat using the website-only configuration method, you must set up web chat again using the deployment configuration method then add the generated script to your website. For more information, see Deprecation: Website-only web chat configuration.

With the PureCloud web chat feature, your customers can chat with your contact center agents directly from your website. The web chat feature has features such as enhanced user interface configuration and user authentication. Create a web chat implementation in two steps: add a web chat deployment in PureCloud, and then add code to your website.

Deployment configuration in PureCloud

With the deployment configuration method, configure how you want web chat to work by using settings in PureCloud. Then add the generated script to your website.

Web chat on your website

Web chat implementation and authenticated web chat require configuration work for website developers.

Agent chat interactions

Set the image and name for an agent during a chat interaction using web chat. Answer, respond to, and complete chat interactions. Simulate chat interactions using the web chat developer tool.