About social channel streaming

Social channel streaming refers to real-time routing of expressions that match listener filters. Social Channel Management analyzes the entire stream of public social expressions from a social media site. It then routes only the expressions that match your listeners. 

How is social account streaming related to listener streaming?

A social account is a parent to one or more listeners. Therefore, if streaming is off for the parent account, none of that parent account’s child listeners are active either. You can turn streaming on or off for individual listeners. 

What happens if there are more social expressions than agents can answer?

Social Channel Management limits the number of social expressions sent to queues. Pausing social expression routing ensures that expressions don’t accumulate in a queue when agents aren’t available to respond, such as overnight or on a weekend. The current limit is 25 interactions of any kind.

Every 5 minutes, Social Channel Management checks the ACD queues that can receive social expressions. If the number of waiting interactions of any type exceeds the limit, Social Channel Management pauses routing of social expressions. All interaction types count toward the limit, but only social expressions are paused. For example, if a queue has 20 chats and 10 calls, social expression routing pauses. If a queue has 10 chats, 5 calls, and 15 social expressions, social expression routing also pauses.

I can preview the results of a listener filter. Why aren’t those social expressions routed to agents?

The preview sample uses historical data. In contrast, listeners look for expressions in real time. It can take time for an external social service to send recent posts to social channel management. It is possible that historical social expressions match your filters, but no new expressions match yet. Words you exclude sometimes appear in the preview sample results, but the system does not route expressions with those words to agents.