About Altocloud

Genesys Predictive Engagement (formerly Altocloud) is a real-time journey analytics platform that observes and analyzes visitors on PureCloud customer websites. Altocloud predicts real-time probability for visitors so that they can achieve a desirable business outcome. It then offers the most appropriate and effective channel to help visitors complete their journey. PureCloud currently supports Altocloud with web chat and content offers.

Understand Altocloud

Configure Altocloud

Configure widgets for web chat with Altocloud

Configure and deploy widgets to start proactive web chats with website visitors. Administrators add the Altocloud widget deployment in PureCloud. Developers add the code to your website.

Work with chat interactions with Altocloud

Agents answer, respond to, and complete web chat interactions with Altocloud customer journey information.

Analyze Altocloud data

Contact center managers and supervisors can view live visitor tracking information, and visitor activity and action map performance reports. Add Altocloud customer journey columns and filters to existing PureCloud performance views. View historical journey data for interactions.

Customize web tracking for Altocloud

Developers use the Journey JavaScript SDK to customize how Altocloud tracks and manages customer activity on your website.

Create third-party integrations with Altocloud

Use Architect workflows and Architect flow actions with Altocloud to build in-house and third-party integrations. Use Altocloud to track campaign-related web activity and create leads with their associated campaign attributes in Salesforce. 

Solutions, best practices, and business scenarios 

Learn about solutions and best practices that enable PureCloud customers to make the most of Altocloud and PureCloud features.